Hyde Curve Max Disposable 2500 Puffs is a pre-filled disposable vape that delivers a generous e-liquid capacity and long battery life. It offers a variety of enticing flavors and nicotine strengths to suit any palate.

Designed with beginners in mind, the straightforward Curve series offers grab-and-go satisfaction for life on the go. Its simple draw-activated mechanism removes the need for buttons and switches, providing a hassle-free experience.

5% Salt Nicotine

The Hyde Curve Max e-cigarette delivers exceptional flavor and all new adjustable air flow in a compact modern design. It comes pre-filled with a generous e-liquid capacity of 8ml and 50mg nicotine strength for a satisfying throat hit. It features a draw-activated mechanism and simple operation, making it an excellent choice for beginners or vapers on the go.

A powerful rechargeable battery ensures a long-lasting vaping experience, and the impressive puff count of up to 2500 provides plenty of time for you to enjoy your favorite flavors without interruption. Hyde’s wide range of delicious flavors includes a variety of fruit options like Aloe Grape and Banana Ice as well as zesty citrus options such as Blue Razz and Pineapple Ice that feature summery tartness complemented by icy menthol notes.

Hyde’s Curve disposable series perfectly encapsulates the brand’s design ethos with its straightforward operation, durable hardware, and indulgent flavors. Each model in the lineup varies slightly in terms of size, capacity, and performance to suit a variety of preferences and needs.

Adjustable Airflow

The adjustable airflow feature provides users with a customizable vaping experience. Whether you prefer thick clouds or subtle vapor, the Hyde Curve Max can provide a satisfying experience for any type of user.

The device also offers an impressive e-liquid capacity and puff count. The 8ml reservoir can provide up to 2500 puffs of 5% salt nicotine. The high puff count reduces the need for frequent refills and ensures a consistent flavor and throat hit every time you inhale.

Lastly, the Hyde Curve Max is a rechargeable device that can be easily replenished with a micro-USB charger. This feature eliminates the need for constant replacements and makes the device more cost-effective.

The Hyde Curve Max is available in a variety of mouth-watering flavors that can satisfy any palate. Try succulent strawberries and rich cream in Blue Razz Ice or a revitalizing blend of fresh honeydew melon and icy menthol in Lush Ice. This device is easy to use with its draw-activated mechanism and intuitive automatic functionality.

Rechargeable Battery

Hyde Curve Max disposable vape devices contain 8ml e-liquid and can provide up to 2500 puffs. They are rechargeable and have a removable mouthpiece for easy cleaning.

Each device features a high-performance rechargeable battery and adjustable airflow switch. They have a large e-liquid capacity, a massive puff count, and a sleek design. They come in a range of delicious flavors from fruits to dessert blends.

Simply attach the micro-USB cable to a power source and insert it into the charging port on the bottom or side of the device. Once the device has fully charged, the LED indicator will light up and it will be ready to use again.


Featuring a large e-liquid capacity and long battery life, Hyde Curve Max is designed to deliver a high-quality, convenient vaping experience. It comes pre-charged and pre-filled with 8mL of e-liquid, which is enough for 2500 puffs. Moreover, it offers 17 delicious flavors, including top fruity blends and best dessert flavors.

Its draw-activated mechanism eliminates the need for buttons or switches, making it a simple and hassle-free device to use. The compact modern design of the device also ensures comfortable handling and portability.

Its 5% salt nicotine delivers satisfying throat hits and smooth vapor production. However, it’s important to monitor your nicotine consumption and be mindful of the symptoms that may indicate excessive use. You can also seek guidance from medical professionals or support programs to quit smoking and reduce your nicotine intake. To maximize your enjoyment, we recommend trying various flavors. You can purchase your favorite flavor at reputable online vape retailers. They also offer a wide selection of accessories to enhance your vaping experience.