Impacted Teeth: What You Should Know

The wisdom teeth are the last teeth to grow in the mouth. There are wisdom teeth on both the upper and the lower jaw, appearing when a person is a teen or even later into the 20s for some people.  Since wisdom teeth are the last to come in, space issues sometimes cause trouble. If there isn’t any room for the wisdom teeth, it can cause a condition known as an impacted tooth. You may need to schedule an appointment at the orthodontist Houston office if you suspect an impacted wisdom tooth. The sooner you schedule this appointment, the better.

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Impacted wisdom teeth also occur when the overcrowding/space issues cause them to emerge only partially or in a way that is crooked or otherwise not straight. The likely response to the problem is removal of the impacted wisdom tooth. The doctor who performs the removal will start by making an incision in the gums that allows them to remove the tooth without removing the bone. The pain that you experience during a wisdom tooth extraction is usually moderate at best but the dentist will provide a pain reliever to help ease this discomfort.

Removing one of the wisdom teeth from your mouth may very well be the last thing that you want to do but sometimes it is out of your hands and a removal is the only option to save the rest of the teeth in your mouth and protect your oral health. Many people have the wisdom tooth removed each year and come through the surgery without any side effects or consequences.  Make sure you visit the dentist twice yearly to minimize the risk of developing an impacted wisdom tooth and to otherwise care for your oral health.