Keeping Your Favorite Cat In Memoriam

cat memorials

There she sits. Grooming herself as always, getting ready for the evening ahead. You and your living room couch are just two spots of your home that your favorite cat prefers. As you sit there thumbing through your TV guide, deciding on the evening’s schedule, you wonder to yourself. Just what would life be without her. She may have nine lives, but it will not last forever. The cliché goes as follows. The pet is an important member of the family household.

In its own small way, it provides succor and good humor for all and sundry. It has the ability to lift moods when it seems to be spiraling downwards. Another cliché then. There are two things certain about life. Death and taxes. As far as taxes go, you prepare yourself as best you can for that season. And as far as death goes, you have probably done your bit there too. Life policies in place to make sure that the loved ones you leave behind will have more than enough when you are gone.

If you are getting on in life, you have even prepared for your spouse’s funeral. And yours too. But what about the cat? Does she not deserve a good sending off too? Many cat lovers do a very nice thing once their dearly beloved depart. They prepare a small grave in their garden, a place with many happy memories. And did you know that you could have cat memorials prepared. Astoundingly, even your vet is in on this noble act.

Cat memorials are small enough to fit neatly and squarely in your garden. In the meantime, she is still with you. Take good care of her. And you can. Look after her diet and take her to the vet at least once a year.